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Perseio, headquartered in Singapore, is an artificial intelligence company specializing in the field of natural language processing. We focus on developing cutting-edge natural language processing technologies, dedicated to providing users with intelligent language interaction experiences. In addition to technological innovations in the AI domain, Perseio actively engages in investment and IT consulting, boasting extensive cross-industry expertise.


We develop customized NLP models to meet the needs of the media industry, including content analysis, topic trend exploration, and user feedback analysis. This aids media companies in better understanding audience demands, enhancing content quality, and improving user experience. We delve into the research and development of language understanding models tailored for the otaku culture domain, encompassing but not limited to anime, gaming, light novels, and more. These models accurately comprehend domain-specific terms and expressions, providing robust support for the generation and analysis of relevant content.


We focus on and invest in companies driving AI technological innovation, spanning but not limited to areas such as machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and intelligent automation. We seek entrepreneurial ventures that demonstrate significant potential in addressing real-world challenges, enhancing efficiency, and pioneering new business models.


1.Technology Consultation and Strategic Planning 2.Containerization and Microservices Architecture 3.Cloud Computing and Virtualization 4.System Architecture Design and Optimization 5.High-Concurrency Performance Optimization